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Sharada Vidya Mandira presents its Picture/Video of the Day, a daily glimpse into our vibrant school life, showcasing our students’ talents and achievements. Explore and be inspired!

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Sharada Vidya Mandira

Bridging students to their dreams since 1998

Sharada Vidya Mandira was established in 1998 at Kadugodi, Bengaluru by Sharada Vidya Mandira Trust. Late Mr. Bhavani Singh L. was the president of the Sharada Vidya Mandira Trust. The main objective of the school is “To mold the minds of the young and create a desire to live a full life in the modern society as honorable and worthy citizens of the nation”.

At Sharada Vidya Mandira, we offer a comprehensive range of Academic programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of our students. From our rigorous core curriculum to specialized elective courses, we strive to nurture a love for learning and promote intellectual growth.

Why Sharada Vidya Mandira

Empowering Minds, Enriching Futures: Discover Excellence at Sharada Vidya Mandira

At Sharada Vidya Mandira, education transcends norms. Our innovative curriculum nurtures well-rounded individuals, supported by anytime, anywhere learning. Technology enriches the dynamic environment, while state-of-the-art facilities promote holistic development. Personalized teacher-student interactions and skill assessments drive success. Empowering educators and parents, we shape confident, compassionate individuals prepared for the future. Join us to redefine education!

Why Sharada Vidya Mandira

Innovative and Comprehensive Curriculum

Around the Clock, Anywhere-Anytime Access

Technology that Enriches the Learning Experience

Enriching Environment with Top-Notch Infrastructure

One-to-One Teacher Student Interaction

Frequent Skill Checks that Guide Progress

Empowering Educators and Engaging Parents

Enhancing Students Charisma and Positivity

Academics at Sharada Vidya Mandira

Foundation Stage (FS)

Nursery to Grade 2

Building strong educational fundamentals for young learners.

Preparatory Stage (PS)

Grade 3 to 5

Preparing students for the academic journey ahead.

Middle Stage (MS)

Grade 6 to 8

Nurturing growth and development in the educational middle phase.

Secondary Stage (SS)

Grade 9 to 12 (PU College)

Empowering students for higher learning and future success.

Ready to embark

ON AN enriching educational journey

at Sharada Vidya Mandira

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